G. Bennet Serrill Memorial Award
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About the Award

Since 1973, the G. Bennet Serrill Memorial Award has paid tribute to the finest individuals that NAIFA-Minnesota and the insurance industry in Minnesota has to offer. The award was established in honor of the 1973 NAIFA-Minnesota National Committeeperson, G. Bennet Serrill. By recognizing outstanding contributions to the insurance profession and to community service, this award seeks to honor the “ideal” person, which all members strive to become.

Ben was successful in the industry, but he was also what later became known as the “whole person." Ben took time to smell the roses – which he actually grew. He cared about people. He cared about his family. He cared about this industry. The life of a G. Bennet Serrill Award recipient sets an example of excellence amongst insurance and financial advisors.

Past Award Recipients

1973 G. Bennet Serrill, CLU* 1974 Orris M. Johnson, CLU*
1975 Herbert F. Mischke, CLU 1976 Donald L. Barnes*
1977 J. Peter Devine, CLU* 1978 William J. Cooper, CLU*
1979 Lennard C. Hall, CLU* 1980 John E. Steger, CLU
1981 Robert D. Labat, CLU 1982 Clair E. Strommen, CLU*
1983 Harold Van Every, CLU* 1984 Henry W. Hoffinger, CLU*
1985 John R. Ryan, CLU* 1986 Sabel J. Andersen*
1987 Raymond H. Sponberg, CLU, LUTCF* 1988 Miles W. McNally, CLU, ChFC*
1989 J. Beryl Clifford, CLU 1990 John E. Pearson*
1991 Samuel P. Cleveland, CLU, ChFC 1992 Jack G. Brown, CLU
1993 Robert J. Clemens, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF 1994 Rhoda S. Toles
1995 William B. Bauman, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, RHU* 1996 Lee T. Snilsberg, CLU*
1997 C. Wayne LeNeave, CLU, ChFC 1998 Alfred O. Elder, CLU, ChFC
1999 Mark D. Johnson, CLU ChFC, RHU 2000 Clarence J. Hynes, CLU
2001 Richard A. Larson, JD, CLU, ChFC, MSFS 2002 Bernard E. Archbold, CLU, ChFC*
2003 Douglas W. Johnson, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, LUTCF 2004 Daniel W. Anderson, CLU, ChFC
2005 John R. Dean, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, CSA, MSFS 2006 Steven L. Hammer, CLU, ChFC
2007 Robert K. Petrich, LUTCF * 2008 Milton L. Edgren, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, LUTCF
2009 Robert G. O’Fallon CLU, ChFC, CFP, CFS 2010 Gene Storms CLU, ChFC, MSFS
2011 George Van Dusen III* 2012 Phillip C. Richards, CFP, CLU, RHU
2013 Thomas K. Kilton CLU, ChFC, CASL, LUTCF, RHU 2014 Monroe Larson
2015 Mary McClure CIC, LUTCF 2016 Kim Garbers
2017 Dominic Sposeto
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